Coquille Brass Collar
Coquille Brass Collar
Coquille Brass Collar

Coquille Brass Collar

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Gorgeous, large brass shell pendant sits perfectly with its open brass collar. 

Collar is a lightweight brass open piece 

Measuring 6”x6” in diameter 

Shell Pendant: 3”long x 4.25” wide 

Overall measurements 9”Long 

Material:  Polished Brass 

Our polished Brass pieces may darken over time and develop a patina. They can be easily returned to their original luster with the use of a fine silver polish. A light coat of clear enamel is added to preserve the shine of the pieces and to prevent the Brass from tarnishing prematurely. If you are allergic to non-precious materials then please wear our Jewelry over clothing. As with your precious jewelry protect your pieces from scratches & dents. Be sure to wear your jewelry after you have applied all your make up & perfume. Store in an airtight box with similar items and keep away from moisture.